Monday, 9 January 2006

Spend, spend, spend

Quite a fruitful weekend, if fruitful means spending money. Finally ordered the new fridge and tv, much to Jacqueline's relief. The fridge is quite basic - until we get a new kitchen we don't have enough room for the type of fridge I really want - whilst the tv is one of these flat-panel things. Again, nowhere near top of the range, but should keep the family goggle-eyed (and satisfied) for the next couple of years. Interesting to note that the TV cost half as much again as the tv I bought when we first moved into the house. It is a complete myth that technology gets cheaper - sure it gets more advanced, but not cheaper.

Felt a little messed around on Saturday, when I drove over to Eastleigh to pick up a parcel from UPS, only to be told that they didn't have it. Furious, I phoned their call centre when they told me that after I'd called to arrange collection, they'd tried to deliver it again and had left it next door. In fairness I suppose the guy thought he was doing me a favour by saving me the journey, and he did leave a card to say what he'd done. Only problem was, we didn't see the card.... Anyway, the package itself contained new batteries for both of the company UPSs (uninterruptible power supplies) - I picked them up on eBay for a third of the cost of the UPS manufacturer - same brand too. A doddle to fit - as easy as changing a battery - and should also stop them from periodically bleating that they need new batteries.

Did the weekly shop at Morrisons. They may be good value but their customer service is awful! I waited about 5 minutes to get served at their butcher counter before finally giving up. This despite the fact that there were three guys behind the counter and they weren't serving anyone else. Cutting and packing meat, they behaved as if I wasn't there. Very infuriating to be ignored like that. Recovered sufficiently to take the christmas tree to get shredded later in the afternoon. I must admit I do feel slightly eco-unfriendly each year when someone hacks down a ten- or twelve-year-old tree just so that I can stick it in a bucket in my lounge for a couple of weeks. At least it has now been shredded and will be recycled into something useful.

Sunday was a lazy day indeed. Jacqueline had a lie in and Alice was happily watching tv, so I started a game of Civilisation IV. Three hours later Jacqueline had to prise me off the seat and into the shower, to go look for a new rug. Although we didn't find a rug, we did find our way into Salisbury, where we took lunch cum afternoon tea at the White Hart. As always, the food was splendid - ham sandwiches to die for - and the atmosphere was so laid back that we happily spent the rest of the afternoon in front of the fire there. We were sufficiently full that we didn't even need any supper - just as well since in my rage at Morrisons we left having bought almost no meat!

Had a couple of emails from a most unusual source. Once the Weather Station seemed to be up and working, I contacted the guy who runs the village web site, just to say "Hey, here's this weather data, you can incorporate it into your site if you like". Well, he did, and even more surprisingly people have started hitting the page. Even had a few emails. Of course I do still wonder just how accurate the thing is - the temperature seems spot on but I'm not so sure about the rain gauge and, of course, still remember the 150km/h winds! Well, Ok, that one may have been user (or at least software) error! And I thought when it was misty, that meant 100% humidity - still, I'll keep reading my book and I'm sure all will become clear!!?

Wonder if I'll get to finish my Civilisation game tonight?

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