Sunday, 22 January 2006

Work, work, work

Again, I've left it a couple of weeks since the last entry, so time for an update.

Not a lot going on, really. Not long got up, looks like a beautiful day outside although still below zero right now, and Alice installed watching "The Secret Garden" on the new TV.

New TV is very impressive - thanks Toshiba. You never realise how bad something is until it gets fixed, do you? Our old TV, I bought when we moved into the house, was all state-of-the-art and fashionable at the time. A not-so-sleek black number. However when I removed it from the lounge last week I realised just how much it weighed - at least double the newer, larger tv. Also because it was black it was effectively a light-sink, although we never realised it until this new, grey/glass tv arrived. And now that corner of the room is light once more!

So I wired up the Playstation so Alice could play her Karaoke game, and now we're sorted. I think the only thing left to buy is a couple of prayer mats for Jacqueline and Alice, to place in front of the thing.
The replacement fridge arrives next week - just in the nick of time since the old fridge has an awful pool of smelly water coming out from it this morning! Got to try to move some stuff around in the kitchen today to make sure it'll fit in.

Been out shopping the last couple of weekends, but apart from that life has just been work, work, work. Probably just as well given the title of the previous blog entry! Last Friday I stayed home to be the school taxi - Jacqueline had a study day for her course - but spent much of the day catching up with the company accounts. Believe you me, travelling to clients is easy by comparison! Really need to get things sorted since the year-end was a few months ago now...

Aside from this, life at the current client's is quite bearable at the moment. They've asked me to deliver a brand new system and have given me pretty much a free hand in how to do it. Gave a presentation to a couple of middle-managers last week and they seem to quite like the approach. Still too embryonic to take further just yet, but useful to have people on board.

Last week also had Friday off, again because of a study day, had also arranged for the tv to be delivered. Fortunately, this arrived early on, so I still had most of the day (although it was lunchtime before I'd put the floor-stand together). Took the opportunity of a quiet day to head over to West Quay and to get myself some shoes I'd seen over christmas. Again, just in time, my lovely Italian nubuck shoes which had lasted around 5 years and withstood everything I could throw at them have finally given up the ghost. Let's just say if I ever wear them again I should make sure it is dry first!! Seriously, would love to get another pair (the make was ValleVerde) but doubt I could justify another trip back to Rome to justify it!

Not a great deal more to report for now, might think of some more to write later...

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