Thursday, 30 March 2006

Maurice Cole

A couple of days ago I did a "Buy it Now" on eBay, for a DVD of a formative influence, one of my favourite entertainers, Kenny Everett. As kids in school, Kenny Everett was one of the few shows that everyone watched and was celebrated the next day.

The DVD arrived today, and is excellent. I'm watching it on my own - Jacqueline says she never "got" Kenny Everett, but even so....We've had lots of Captain Kremen, some Hot Gossip (now, that looks dated), Marcel Waive, Brother Lee Love. I'm still waiting for Cupid and the DIY guy. Superb... He's like Tommy Cooper, just creases me up before he even does anything.

One other DVD ordered is the first series of Hill Street Blues - another childhood memory but obviously one with a far darker side. I always made sure I was at home by 10:30pm Thursdays for this one. Favourite character, of course, was Mick Belker. I've noticed that they are now showing episodes on ITV4 (the joys of Sky), but the one's I've seen must be the later episodes since Phil Esterhaus had died by then. Wonderful...
Other DVDs on the horizon - I keep meaning to buy the collection of Dads' Army - another classic and without doubt my favourite sitcom - I visited a fan site recently and apparently Clive Dunn (Corporal Jones) is still going and living in retirement in Portugal. Plus Ian Lavender was in Eastenders a few years back - he may still be for all I know.

Another one I noticed, around 10 years ago there was a must-watch series on BBC2 called "This Life". This was another one that people used to watch and talk about in work the next day. I was amazed that this was never released onto DVD (although I have the videos somewhere), but found out the other day that it was finally released.

Thanks for making me laugh, Ken. The world's a sadder place without you.

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