Tuesday, 18 April 2006

Easter Weekend

Quite an action-packed weekend, by our standards.

Friday (Good Friday) we headed over to see Lorraine first-thing. Beautiful day, spring has certainly sprung, and we arrived in Dorchester shortly after 10am. Was quite funny to see Solomon, now out of hospital, crawling around the place at top speed. He will stand up but isn't walking again just yet. But hardly immobile! He gets his mum to take him up and down the stairs, although was quite capable of sliding down the stairs on his bum when mum couldn't get there quick enough. Lucy of course was there too, she and Alice love to play together, although Solomon got all the attention. As an added bonus, Jac's mum was staying there so Alice got to say 'Happy Easter' to Grandma.

After Lorraine's we headed out for lunch. There's a pub called the World's End, on the Ringwood - Dorchester road, which Jacqueline went to years ago and which she said was excellent. Must still be excellent because when we got there we were told we'd have a forty minute wait for a table. Rather than wait, we headed off vowing to eat at the first decent-looking pub we found, which turned out to be just outside Wareham. Filled a hole...

Onward then to Swanage and Corfe Castle, where we stopped to have a wander through the ruins, Alice doing roly-polys down the steep embankment. Thereon to tea, at the NT's Tea Rooms in the village. Awful service. Long wait, dirty tables, wrong orders being brought out (consistently). It begs the question as to just how difficult it can be to put a couple of scones on a plate.

But all-in-all, quite a "good" Friday. Saturday was a little quieter, we had a lazy morning and headed to nearby Breamore House at lunchtime, to take part in the Easter Egg hunt there. Good fun, Alice saw several of her school friends, though we didn't win anything. Thereon to the supermarket, to do the necessary...
Sunday, we headed over to Longleat, an idea obviously shared by thousands of others! But in all fairness despite the many people there it didn't really affect our day (apart from having to queue to use the gents' loo!) We went to the pet area and saw the parrot show, then found our way through the maze - Alice and I at odds about the right way to go. The sign at the front said that the maze normally took between 30-60 minutes, so it wasn't trivial by any means. Of course I was pretty chuffed when we cracked it in about 20 minutes, although perhaps on reflection everyone does in in that sort of time, and everyone gets that "feelgood" factor. Following a delicious picnic lunch, onward into an enormous outdoor adventure playground - Jac and I found a seat and let Alice roam for half an hour or so, then on to the main event, the safari park.

Excellent journey through the park, the monkeys were particularly amusing. Some poor chap had the trim on his car well-and-truly mangled. As it was, we had a monkey trying its best to bite off one of our windscreen washers, until a deft touch on the accellerator made the little bleeder think twice! The only disappointing thing was that the traffic by now was quite heavy, so much so that we were diverted past many of the lions just to avoid the queues. Still, a good day had by all - we bought a mega-ticket which allows access to the every attraction, so we can go back in a few weeks and do some of the things we missed today.

Monday was my designated "quiet day", plus I was on call for the client. I was going to take Alice to the Easter Egg Hunt in nearby Downton, but she spoke to me so disrespectfully first thing that I thought "Why should I?" So I made her totally aware of what she'd missed and why she'd missed it, and she then spent the next half hour crying. Hopefully a lesson will be learned from this, and it felt quite satisfying from my perspective to know that she hadn't walked all over me.

In any case, however, she still got a treat of sorts, since we decided to go out to a pub for lunch. We chose the Bat and Ball, in Breamore. Very impressive, will definitely revisit. Back home to do some tidying up - first time out in the garden since the autumn, so needed to cut the grass also. All in all very productive, both the house and the garden appear much tidier. Simon dropped by yesterday evening, but to be honest I had to kick him out when I got to the point when I could no longer keep my eves open. I needed my beauty sleep ready for "back to work" mode this morning.

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