Monday, 3 April 2006


Mixed weekend. Saturday we headed over to Dorchester to visit Solomon. I've been very lax lately with this blog but one of the things that did happen was that poor old Solomon managed to break his leg. Poor thing, he is only three years old. So, he's been in traction for the last four weeks. We visited him a few weeks ago, when obviously everything was still rather painful for him, but when we visited Saturday he seemed a lot better and more agile. Apparently he may even be out of hospital this week, and straight home - not even a cast.
Quite good since he has obviously taken a shine to me, and Lorraine said he was really excited when he found out I'd be visiting. The first thing he did when we got there was to try to take my picture - with a trick camera that squirted water. Exactly what I'd have done as a kid! I had to go over to Lorraine's house and help her with something on her computer, and on the way back got delicious chocolate ice creams all round - and the resultant mess on Solomon's clean white bedding had to be seen to be believed! Alice too enjoyed herself. As Solomon is on a childrens' ward there is a heavy emphasis on playing and toys, so she had the run of the place for something like five hours. Very strange to see our six-year-old attempting to dress up in costumes meant for toddlers!

Sunday was not so good. I've been thinking about getting a new "practical" suit. Something that is machine washable, so I'm not reliant on the dry cleaners when I need to get the thing cleaned. Acting on a tip-off, we headed over to Marks and Spencers on Sunday. We first did the weekly shop at Sainsbury's, but then as we were going to M&S Jacqueline said that it would be good to see if we could find some trousers for Alice. Unfortunately Alice decided to be uncooperative, so much so that I left them in the childrens' clothing department to have a look at the washable suits, which was after all the reason for going in the first place.
Having looked at the suits (which are also safe for tumble dryers - a great idea but unfortunately not a great range), I headed back to find the family, but they were not to be seen. Thinking that Jacqueline must have get fed up waiting for me, I headed back to the car.

The car was empty, but I didn't see the point of going back and continuing to look for them - they could have been anywhere - I decided I might as well sit and wait in the car. So, twenty minutes later, they finally arrived back at the car and the argument ensued...

Everything, of course, was my fault - the definition of being married I suppose, and it really soured what had been a good weekend up until then. In particular I was upset at Alice's stroppy attitude which meant that it was really necessary for us all to split up in the first place. She really shows her dark side at times.

It amazes me - she went to a party last week and when Jacqueline went to pick Alice up, the girl's mother told Jacqueline that she was angelic! Little does she know....

Oh, lastly, that Kenny Everett dvd I was watching the other night turned out disappointing in the end, since many of his best characters weren't on it. Fine if Hot Gossip's your thing, but I'd have thought a 2-hour DVD would have had a better selection of his characters. Roll on Dads' Army!

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