Tuesday, 16 May 2006

The Dreaded Lurgy

Quiet. Not much going on.

I had a spate of calls last week about new business, which is quite encouraging. We'll have to see whether anything comes from them.

Turned into quite a lazy weekend, not least because I've felt under the weather since Saturday. Just a cold, but you should see what I'm managing to cough up at the moment!

One thing we did do was to buy Jacqueline's birthday present. Yes, I know we're in the middle of May and her birthday is not until the end of June, but that's married life for you! So, she now has an iPod. I must admit I was a bit sceptical about paying so much for something that does so little, but it is a beautifully crafted little machine. The user interface is so very slick.

Of course having bought the thing the first thing to do was to put some music on it, and to do that we first had to set up iTunes on one of the computers. Both of these turned into quite laborious tasks, first to catalogue and then to copy our entire music collection. Still, I found the synchronise button in iTunes and eventually left everything to copy overnight. Interesting that iTunes reckons we have 13.9 days of music in our collection! I think probably the most difficult task was persuading Jacqueline to let me copy all of our music onto it, even including my awful stuff. I mean, if ever I need to ...er..... borrow it......

The other thing the iPod will take is video, although not the DivX format (which is the format I used to back up all our DVDs to the computer). So we will need to buy some more software at some point to convert from DivX to Apple's MP4 format. Looks like there are several packages out there that will do the job,and indeed I've tried one of them out to see what it is like. I'll need to do some research on which will be best.
And that really was the highlight of the weekend. Sunday was really a non-day, I felt absolutely lousy and never made it out of dressing gown all day. If it hadn't been for Alice winding me up and me almost coughing myself to death when I shouted at her, it really would have been uneventful! Still, in the fullness of time she went out to play, Jacqueline was immersed either in her studying or in playing on the computer, and I had peace and quiet. Eventually got to watch Finding Neverland, which was excellent. I do seem to like lots of what Johnny Depp gets up to - must make sure I get to see the new Pirates of the Carribean movie when it is released.

So feeling awful I struggled to visit the client's yesterday, and don't really feel much better today - the things we do for money...

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