Friday, 26 May 2006


Started to become lax once again. Still, not a great deal happening at the moment.

Weather is generally pretty foul - a great deal of rain over the last few weeks, let's hope we have some decent weather for the bank holiday.

Took Monday away from the client's, primarily because Jacqueline was in Yeovil for the day and so Pete's Taxi Services went into operation. But it also gave me the opportunity to catch up on some paperwork, when once again this scanner proved its worth.

Spent a part of Saturday messing around fitting my newest toy, an IP camera, one of these cameras with built-in web server and therefore in theory viewable from any old browser. I basically got hold of the cheapest I could find, £39 on eBay, but unfortunately whilst the camera itself was ok the firmware which came with it was quite poor.

For starters, you can view the image through a browser but only by downloading their ActiveX control. So basically you're restricted to IE only (a shame since Microsoft never released a version of IE for my phone!). Also, it is not possible to do a great deal without this control, since it looks like it takes care of everything and is pretty black-box. So if all you want to do is publish a still image onto a web server every few minutes, forget it. In the end I did get it working after a fashion (see here), but it was a bit of a hack. The Live feed is also viewable here (Username: guest, Password: password), but be warned you'll need to install this control, plus you may have problems if you're behind a firewall.


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