Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Its that time again...

It's that time of year once again - holidays!

This one started very early last Sunday morning - I set my alarm for 4:30am - ready to get to Portsmouth for the 7 o'clock ferry. This was the "fastcat" service and although smaller than the normal ferries (and therefore the closer proximity of noisy, excited children) it was an excellent journey and we arrived in France a little under four hours later.

Into Caen for long enough for a stroll, then out once again up to the coast at Cabourg for lunch. The only downer at this point was that over lunch Alice was complaining of having a headache. After lunch, then, instead of exploring some more, we headed straight to the hotel I'd booked, the excellent Hotel L'Ecrin in Honfleur. (Jacqueline and I had stayed in this hotel before, our last holiday before Alice arrived (some six weeks later).) Anyway, instead of resting (or indeed allowing us to rest, since we'd all had an early morning), Alice perked up and set about exploring. We went out early for our supper and found a quiet restaurant - fortunate since Alice was awfully behaved. In her defence, she felt groggy once again and was now complaining of how cold she was - a sure sign.

Sure enough, she had Jacqueline up several times in the night and even skipped breakfast the next morning. Jacqueline examined her tonsils which apparently looked very angry indeed. We just about got her up and dressed and settled her into the car, before commencing our long journey southward. Given Alice's state of health, I decided to take the autoroutes wherever possible, but it was still four o'clock before we reached our final destination - Centerparcs once again.

Indeed, this is the first time we have ever taken the same holiday twice. I mean, we've sometimes stayed in the same hotels more than once, but that's generally when we're in transit, and for a single night. This time we have eleven days in La Sologne once again, followed by three nights in Dinard.

Needless to say, Alice perked up dramatically once we arrived at Centerparcs, so much so that we had to go for a swim that evening. I slept in the same room as her Monday night, and she did appear to be on the mend. Tuesday she was fine. My turn next.

I didn't feel at all right on Tuesday - light-headed and achy muscles - so spend most of the day lounging about, much to Alice's frustration. I did book her into the Kids Club in the afternoon, after which Jacqueline treated her to a cocktail in the Experience Factory. Afterwards, I'd perked up enough to suggest a McDonalds, so we headed off to Romorantin for supper. I soon regretted it - I felt awful once again, the burger was sufficiently disgusting that I took only about two bites, and to cap it all, once we returned to Centerparcs (feeling freezing) we had to ride our bikes from the car park to the cottage.

Fortunately I managed to sweat it out last night, and felt far better this morning. Alice and I had to put petrol in the car, after which we went for a swim. Mum had a nice soak in the bath, then while we were swimming she's taken the car to an enormous Leclerc she spotted in Romorantin last night. Ah.....women and shops.....

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