Wednesday, 3 May 2006

Quiet May Day

Meant to post something over the weekend, know....

Took Friday out from the client's, main reason was to be able to drop Alice off and pick her up, but also managed to get some useful work done too. Good to have a break since the client's office was manic last week - on two nights I wasn't home until after 9pm. Alice had been invited to a disco birthday party after school, so I was the taxi for the evening.

Saturday was a busy day. Lorraine came over, complete with kids, and we all went out to the Cuckoo Fair in nearby Downton for the day. The small park in Downton was taken over by fairground-style rides, so everyone had fun. Even Solomon seemed happy, although largely confined to his pushchair because his leg isn't up to strength yet. Lucy proved to be a bit of a daredevil, opting to go on the highest and fastest rides, although by proper fairground standards the rides were quite tame. Apart from the obligatory burger for lunch, followed by an ice cream to follow, that was about it - the stalls tend to be full of tat but it is a nice event nevertheless. We were all a little exhausted by the time we got home, so we just put the tv on to let the kids watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for a bit. As Lorraine finally left, around 6:30ish, she had two very sleepy kids on her hands.

Sunday was the designated "rest day" for the weekend. We got to the supermarket first-thing, and that was really the only plan for the day. Alice had to do her homework, as she normally does on Sundays, but this time was a classic. There were nine pictures on a sheet of A4, each one depicting a stage of sending a letter to someone. So, the first picture was of someone writing the letter, then later on there was a picture of someone posting the letter, and so on... The actual "task" was for Alice to write a sentence under each of the pictures denoting the progress. Nine sentences. Two hours. Unbelievable. Even with the neighbours playing outside, and telling her that she could go play with them once she was finished, didn't have an effect.

Once - eventually - the homework was done, Alice was allowed to play out for the rest of the day. However she hadn't finished being mischievous. At the end of the day we were horrified to find that she'd flooded the bathroom whilst having a bath.

The plan Monday was originally to go over to Wookey Hole and see the caves there, but following Alice's adventures I really felt that she shouldn't get a treat, so we stayed home. The only thing was that all she did was play out all day, so she had great fun in any case. For me, I did at least manage to mow the lawn and to do some shredding, but apart from that it was quiet. We made tentative plans to go into Southampton to see The Pink Panther, but Jacqueline didn't feel too well so that plan got scuppered too.

Yesterday I felt very tired. Not sure why given the inactivity of the previous days, but was very relieved once the train arrived back in Salisbury and I could head home for a quiet night.

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