Monday, 8 May 2006

Wet, Wet, Wet

Woke up this morning to the sound of rain - and lots of it - on the bedroom window.True enough when I looked at the weather station when I got up we'd had almost 5mm.Doesn't seem a lot but it is. In between getting showered and dressed and going out it had risen to almost 7mm. And once I actually started driving to the station I realised just how heavy it was. Whilst this is good for the garden I can't help feeling sorry for Lorraine, who sets off with her kids for Centerparcs today.

Mixed weekend. We got to see the Pink Panther as planned. I thought it was pretty good but was a tad disappointed, and Jacqueline (who I thought would consider it aload of tat) said she really enjoyed it. Alice I think was disappointed - halfway through the film she left to see what was on in the cinema next door! Then later, she asked me when the Pink Panther was going to start - she was obviously expecting the cartoon version. But there were lots of shots of Paris, she saw the Eiffel tower etc. so she is still quite keen to visit in the summer. After the film we stayed at West Quay, where we had an interminable lunch at Frankie and Benny's. Almost 2 hours for a two-course meal, and all the place is is a burger joint. Still, we weren't particularly in a hurry, although we did go and get the weekly shopping afterwards. Last stop of the day was at Hockeys, and we enjoyed some of their excellent burgers for supper, whilst watching Charlie on the computer.

Sunday was designated lazy day, and what a lovely day for a laze it was! Pottered around, had a leisurely bath surrounded by Decleor Alguarome bubble bath, wonderful.

Started to become stressful once Alice was playing out with so-called friends, although they all seem to have a very love-hate relationship. I think in truth a couple of them are crafty little bleeders and they like nothing better than getting Alice into trouble. I drew the line when they (not even with Alice in tow) went into my garage, into my toolbox to try to take the stabilisers off Alice's bike so they could ride it. All without even Alice's permission! I basically countered this by taking Alice and Jacqueline out to tea at the White Hart in Salisbury, although even this was quite disappointing ("Sorry we don't have any cream."). Told Alice she is not to play with those kids any more, but of course she just thinks we're punishing her rather than it being for her own good. Plus I'm only there in the evening, so how strictly Jacqueline will enforce it, I don't know. All unnecessary hassle.

Proved my amazing ability to multitask on Saturday, when I endured a mind-numbingly boring phone call with someone (who shall remain nameless) who has just ordered a new car, and spent 90 minutes telling me about it, going into minute detail. I wouldn't mind, but the car he's buying is just a newer version of the car I already have, so I know quite a lot about them already. Bored, bored, bored. Still, I was playing on the computer at the same time, and also I downloaded the telephone user manual so that next time this guy calls, the phone will ring with a different ringtone so we'll know to let the machine take it. Ah...the appliance of science!

Actually on the same subject I am reminded of a quote from none other than Muhammad Ali, where he said:
A man's wealth is what is in his head, not what is in the bank. What wealth is in the bank, belongs to someone else.

Excellent thought for the day.

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