Monday, 5 June 2006

Changeover Day

Was woken at 6am this morning by the sound of some guy closing the boot on his car. Apart from that, the world was still and we had the makings of another beautiful day. I pottered around for a half an hour, before coming back to bed for another little snooze. Finally woke for good - along with the rest of the family - at around 8:30am. I think today will be a lazy day, the Dome should be quiet since it is a changeover day, and later Alice and I plan to canoe around the lake while Mum takes a sauna.

Yesterday Alice and I went out for a ride around the lake, as planned. It was a lovely day so I took some decent photographs. Alice is getting more and more confident on her bike (she's out riding it as I speak), which is excellent news. Unfortunately Mum is going the other way - she's so out-of-practise with her riding that her bum is sore!

We headed out, late, at one o'clock, for a place called Vezelay, which I'd been tipped about (thanks, Martin). Unfortunately I completely misread Autoroute and instead of the journey taking 1½ hours (as I thought) the journey actually took 2½ hours. Alice in particular was not happy. All Jacqueline could say was, "This had better be worth it". Despite that fact that I felt guilty about taking them on so long a journey we were travelling through the most beautiful countryside on roads which we had pretty much to ourselves - good roads where we could generally drive at at least 100kmh - and through some breathtakingly beautiful little villgaes. To cap it all, when we did eventually get to Vezelay, which is a World Heritage site, we were all suitably impressed. Wonderful little place. We even caught a performance of sections of Faure's Requiem mass (one of my favourites - something I studied for 'O' level and have never been too distant from) in the magnificent Basilique St Madeleine, by presumably one of the local choirs. Very much in the spirit of Carcassone and Mont St Michel, most especially because of the religious connotations, but smaller than these two (certainly a lot smaller than Carcasonne).

Of course it was late when we returned to Centerparcs, although we just about made it before nightfall. We even found a pizzeria in one of the little villages on the way, Boulleret, and stopped for a bite to eat. I had a delicious pizza with simply chicken and peppers on it - an unusual combination but very tasty. Alice was introduced to spicy Merguez sausage (on her pizza) and after initially deciding she didn't like them she changed her mind and scoffed the lot!

For me, a lovely drive and day out, if a little long.

Looking at the clock, must get moving soon. I can hear cars outside which hopefully means Centerparcs is emptying and that the pool will be somewhat quieter than over the weekend. We must make the most of it now since the next changeover day means us!

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