Thursday, 1 June 2006

Filling in the details

Some background on the holiday that I omitted yesterday.

Weather has been sunshine and showers throughout the stay thus far. However it doesn't feel warm as it did last year. The ground hasn't heated up yet, so the only heat is coming from the sun, and when the sun goes away or the wind blows, it can be quite cold. We were caught in a tremendous rainstorm yesterday, whilst cycling to the Experience Factory. Fortunately the others had waterproof jackets on, only I was silly enough to come out in just my fleece.

Went into Lamotte Beuvron yesterday evening, mainly to get a new bicycle helmet for Alice now that she is riding on just two wheels. Unfortunately the selection at Lamotte wasn't very good (it is only a small town in any case), so we passed the opportunity up. Still, we did get to go to the station, where I picked up some timetables for Paris, and we saw the famous Hotel Tatin, where the Tarte Tatin was created, and finally we found a small pizzeria for supper. Back to Centerparcs for 9pm, a brief cycle from the car park to the cottage, and we were all exhausted.

I should mention that I have finally succombed. I brought three excellent-looking books with me on holiday - a history of Italy under Mussolini, an account of the General Strike and a book about the Colossus at Bletchley Park - and yet on the ferry across I still found myself buying a copy - at long last - of The Da Vinci Code. Fairy late to cotton on, I know, but in my defence I very seldom touch fiction. I think in this case the film has just come out and it is only a matter of time before it comes onto Sky, and I have always thought that a good book is far superior to anything that can be filmed. So I guess I didn't want to feel short-changed when I saw the film. In fact the book is a very good story - I think I need to do some reading afterwards to see exactly how much of it is factual - and is a very easy read, so much that I will probably finish it tomorrow.
Today has begun quite lazily. Alice is out on her bike, obviously can't get enough of a good thing - and Jacqueline and I are both lying on the bed (Jacqueline bought a book too, but not really my cup of tea). The vague plan is to go out somewhere today - we think Blois and maybe Tours, then to come back this evening in time for a swim.

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