Thursday, 15 June 2006

further relief

I was up in London yesterday, leaving the house at 6:30am and not getting back until 7:30pm. Boy was I tired! First day back and all that. By four o'clock my eyes were drooping and on both journeys I have a funny feeling that I was snoring on the train...

Still, some pieces of good news - the new transformer I ordered for the laptop arrived yesterday (I could have sworn I had a spare, but could I find it?), at a cost of only £20. Plugged it straight into the laptop and not only was the transformer ok, but I worked on the laptop for three hours or so and had no inkling of trouble from it. So whilst I think there may actually be some underlying problem, I think I may be able to postpone getting it repaired in the short term.

So last night I updated the blog with the entries written while I was away. I always do this offline since it seems particularly crass to announce to the world, in real time, that we were going on holiday for a fortnight and that the house would be empty!

In addition I copied all the photographs onto the main photo-machine. This is the one that stores all the originals, plus has all the software to turn my 12MB+ original images into thumbnails and into images small enough to be practical to put on the site. I'm going to need to do some work here soon, since I think I'm more than six months behind at putting photos on the web site - I don't think even the photos from Wales last October are on there yet.

On the subject of photos, I got one of those throwaway waterproof cameras whilst at Centerparcs, and snapped the film away during a session in the Dome. Must remember to unpack the camera and get the film developed and put onto CD.

Everyone very hyped up here because of the England game this afternoon. My clients have allowed one of their conferencing rooms to show the game on TV, plus I believe they are making a stream of the game available so that people can view it on their desktops. There are an enormous number of cars on the streets flying St George flags - looks a little silly I think, all very "tabloid-ish", but it keeps peoples' minds of their problems I suppose.

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