Wednesday, 14 June 2006


Following a pleasant cruise across the channel, we arrived in Portsmouth a half hour late. First stop upon hitting dry land was the cashpoint, next stop the KFC to top up on some good old British grease! (Actually it had more to do with knowing we had nothing in the fridge when we got in.)

When we got home the fun and games started. My car, which had been lying idle for the last two weeks, refused to start. First time this has happened, so called the RAC and in the meantime unpacked the bikes and the cases. Had just finished unpacking when the chap arrived - very timely and very pleasant, but unfortunately unable to fix the car. After a variety of tinkering, we determined that the best thing to do would be to let the dealer's mechanics look at it, and the RAC would provide a flatbed to get it there. So that would completely scupper Tuesday.

I had a dream Monday night in which I went out to turn the car over, and it just started. Contrast this with the probable reality of the thing costing hundreds of pounds to fix...

So Tuesday I got an unexpected lie-in. Sent the clients an email saying I wouldn't be there, then settled in to wait for the garage to open. Having had a somewhat more leisurely than anticipated bath, I decided that before making any phone calls I would save myself from looking an idiot and try the engine one more time. And lo! The angel of the lord came down, the engine fired and within a few seconds was purring away happily! Excellent result since I can really do without garage bills at the moment.

That left the day. In the first instance I tried to find the spare transformer for the laptop, but could I? In the end I ordered a new one so hopefully by the weekend I'll be in a position to assess how functional it is, and whether I need to send it away for repair.

Rest of the day, until around 4 o'clock, spent working. I need to provide documentation for the system I've built for them, and writing some blurb was the ideal way to get back into it.

At about 4pm, Jacqueline arrived home with both infant and cat, and peace as I knew it became a thing of the past. Still with zero food in the house, we went out for a quick supermarket shop, and after that we were all totally tired. Even though I'd stayed at home I still ended up doing half a day's work on the computer.
So, a quiet night. Attempted to watch the Brasil match but could not keep my eyes open and ended up going to bed and listening to the final part of the game on the radio.

Which brings me to.....this morning. Back into the routine, getting up at 5:45am ready for the trek to London. Lovely.....Having said that, I may as well use the journey for something useful; all of a sudden my eyelids feel heavy...

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