Sunday, 4 June 2006

Sunday, Sunday

As always, I seem to be forgetting something every time I write.

Friday was, at last, quite sunny and bright. A little cool in the breeze, but not at all bad. Yesterday, however, was downright warm. The breeze was great because it cooled, but lovely, sunny and not a cloud in the sky.
Anyway, yesterday of course was Saturday and from experience, Centerparcs at weekends can be quite manic (this was the reason for choosing two "midweek" slots sandwiching a "weekend" slot - last year we did WMW and caught crowds at either end of the holiday. True to form we went across to the pool mid-morning to swim, but the volume of people was huge and we resolved to try again later.

Time for a brief lunch before the afternoon, in which Alice was booked into Kids' Club and Jacqueline and I had planned to use the three hours to go someplace. Alice, however, did a classic. As we prepared to go out, we noticed one thing was missing - Alice herself! Fifteen minutes later she turned up having "gone on a bike ride" without telling us. I wouldn't mind, but she knew she was going to Kids' Club also. I was really angry when she got back, shouting how stupid she was in the middle of the road!

In the end, she got to Kids' Club twenty minutes late, and Jacqueline and I bombed up the autoroute for a precious hour shopping in Orleans (we each got a pair of excellent shoes, though). The time alone was good, in the end, to calm us both down, because wth Alice I feel like I am an awful parent. I try to do as much as possible for her - at the end of the day we could have dragged her out toOrleans with us and dragged her around the shops - but she always seems to come back and say "More, more." I hope when she has children she realises...

Anyway, we all met up and were friends once again at 5 o'clock, when we picked her up. Back to the cottage and quickly out for another swim, this time a little quieter, and back again to the cottage for around eight o'clock. Jacqueline prepared a sumptuous salad for supper, and next they got down to the serious business for the evening - de-lousing Alice's head! Fortunately the only role I had in this was in translating the instructions, but suffice it to say that mum combed out hundreds of the little buggers (les poux!) in the end.

Alice also took an anti-hystermine because once again she had a blotchy tummy. Its really quite sad that she keeps on getting them, but for some reason my solution - a Number 4 all round - just seems to wind her up!
Not quite sure what we'll do today. Weather is once again beautiful, or so it seems from in the cottage. Jacqueline was out early so we have some fresh bread, croissants and coffee, but it is now 10:30 and we can still hear Alice snoring! I think perhaps it might be good to avoid the Dome, go for a ride around Centerparcs instead perhaps, and possibly a visit out to a chateau this afternoon. Tomorrow will be quiet once again and Tuesday we plan to visit Paris and, at Alice's wish, to "climb" (i.e. take the lift up!) La Tour Eiffel!

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