Friday, 9 June 2006

To the coast

Headed north-west from Centerparcs today. Quite sad - Jacqueline and Alice didn't want to get up, but of course I had to take responsibility for visiting the boulangerie and to bring the car round, not to mention loading it up. So there were lots of things to take my mind off leaving.

I must admit that once again I was not feeling 100% today - yesterday was so hot that I caught the sun despite spending only about 15 minutes outside at lunchtime, and putting creme on when we went to the dome in the evening. Still, I'm sure I can cope with a little sunburn.

Yesterday, for supper, I treated the family to a ready-roasted chicken from the supermarket, complete with pommes de terre. Lovely, but they don't know how to do proper roasties!

So the journey up to Dinard went very smoothly except for the last section up from Rennes. We'd mentioned the possibility of going to Rennes tomorrow, but on reflection... Then, to cap it all, once we arrived in Dinard there were lots of "Route Baree" signs, and indeed I had to take a massive detour to get to the hotel. Still, a trip to the bar for a nice long orange juice (beaucoup de glacons) went some way toward restoring my faith in humanity.

Journey up was the opposite of last year, when we had torrential rain to deal with. This time the car's thermometer was running up to 30 degrees, and shot up to 36 when we pulled in for a pit stop. Have just seen the weather forecast on TF1 and tomorrow looks similar, although with cloud in the afternoon.
Have spent the last couple of hours settling down for the highlight of the year - the start of the world cup. It is halt-time in the first game now, and Germany are leading Costa Rica 2-1. I'm watching it on French TV because the signal is so much better that English TV - we have a good four or five terrestrial channels which presumably we're picking up from the Channel Islands. I could quite happily go to sleep now but I've booked a meal out in St Lunaire, (allegedly, depending on open roads) five minutes westward along the coast.

Not sure what we'll get up to tomorrow. St Malo is a definite maybe - have been there countless times but never when the shops have been open. But I think we'll need to think on it after a good night's kip.

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