Thursday, 22 June 2006

Toby ?

We went to see three incredubly cute kittens last night, one of whom (a tabby boy) will be coming to live with us in a couple of weeks. He purred when I picked him up and stroked him - hopefully the start of a wonderful friendship!

Alice has the responsibility for choosing a name, and the current favourite is "Toby", after a toy dog of hers. (Only ten days to get her to change her mind!) Seriously, she first said she wanted to call him Barney, which of course we poo-poohed. She later asked me very seriously why we couldn't call him Barney, and so I had to explain how painful it would be. Makes you think about how a six-year-old's mind works.

My suggestion was Bruno, which unfortunately cut no ice with Alice. But she really must be the one to choose, in order to foster this spirit of responsibility.

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