Thursday, 13 July 2006

Carlo the Crusher

As I stepped out of the shower this morning I heard some growling from the hallway. Assuming that the kitten had simply got too close to Maisie I thought nothing of it. However once I'd dried myself off and stepped out of the bathroom I was somewhat surprised - the kitten was there, on his own, finishing off a once plump, juicy sparrow.

Presumably Maisie caught it and brought it in - she doesn't eat these things but generally leaves them as presents to us - Carlo found it and the rest is history.

So, despite having fed them already this morning when I first got up, I got dressed this morning to the crunching of bones, and by the time I left the house there was very little left apart from feathers. Our boy is growing up...

Yesterday evening I returned home early since Jacqueline attended a lecture, and took the opportunity to treat Alice to a meal out. She chose Pizza Hut in Salisbury. This is the same Pizza Hut that Jacqueline has refused to go near ever since she went on a food hygene course at Salisbury College! But kids are kids, and Alice's singular motive for going to Pizza Hut was the Ice Cream Factory. So we enjoyed a pretty long wait (strange since the restaurant was fairly empty), and when my pizza did arrive it was soggy in the middle. How does that work then? To cap it all the bill came to about £18 and when seeing my £20 note the waiter very deliberately asked me if I wanted him to bring me the change! Welcome to the real world matey, crappy service and crappy food means no tip!

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