Wednesday, 26 July 2006

The Great Flood

Yesterday turned into a somewhat abbreviated afternoon. Midway through the afternoon water started pouring through the ceiling in the client's office. Pouring? Well, more like gushing! It soon became clear that further work would be impossible, so I decided to come home early. By the time I'd left the water had accounted for seven ceiling tiles plus a light. On the plus side, I was home by six, on the minus side it could be even earlier today!

Had an excellent supper last night at the Bat and Ball in Breamore. Second time we've been there and both times the food has been excellent. We were back home by 8:30pm and settled in for a quiet night.
Heard the rumbling of thunder last night, and although we didn't have any rain everything was that much "fresher" this morning (it was extremely hot yesterday). Drove into Salisbury where there had obviously been a heavy downpour at some point.

Oh, I had a look at my blog statistics last night - so far this year there have been a whopping three hundred and something viewings! Wow!! I didn't look too closely at the IP addresses but without doubt many of these hits would have been me, checking that something I'd just written had come out Ok. Doubtless I'd get more hits if I blogged through one of the more "recognised" sites, but small and independent just about sums me up! In any case, blogging for me is in lieu of keeping a diary. I doubt I would talk about massively different matters, although as I mentioned yesterday I would perhaps write with a little more candour were I committing my thoughts to paper rather than to cyberspace.

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