Monday, 31 July 2006

Little Angels

Alice looked cherubic this morning, lying asleep on the sofa having (as is her wont) got up from bed very early only to put the tv on in the lounge, climb on the sofa and go back to sleep. Who could possibly guess that this was the same child who caused mayhem yesterday?

On Saturday night she started by leaving a tap on and almost flooding the bathroom. Fortunately there was a plastic bag lying under the sink, so when I heard the distinctive sound of dripping I went to investigate. Luckily there was no serious damage, the bathroom floor being covered in dirty clothes which absorbed most of the water.

On Sunday we had a report that she had been seen pulling Carlo by his tail. Although I am convinced that in her own mind there was no malice involved, obviously if what she is doing is harming the cat then it needs to be stopped. It turns out that she was in a group of children, and had taken Carlo out to play. He'd decided "enough is enough" and run off under a bush. Alice, apparently goaded by her friends, went and pulled him out. By his tail? That part remains unclear, unfortunately - Alice knew she was in trouble and was blubbing away by this time.

So basically Alice has been totally banned from picking Carlo up. The main thing that worries me is that she is so gullible - in a group of kids messing around, I can guarantee that she will be the one to get caught. I fear this is going to be a hard lesson for her to learn.

It wasn't over. Alice later asked if she could phone her grandma. No problem, I even showed her what she had to do to make the call. When speaking to Grandma she decided to go outside, where she starts faffing around. Next thing, we here a "crack" and the phone has been dropped onto the patio. She tearfully brings the phone in - display completely blank and Grandma well and truly cut off. At this point I can cope with things, telling her that she would need to pay for a replacement phone. But when she just muttered insolently that she didn't care, I flipped and lost my temper. How dare she treat other peoples' things with such contempt! As it happens I got the phone working again simply by removing and replacing the batteries, but the attitude that it didn't matter was simply unacceptable.

This is turning into a rant so I will stop now. I only hope this behaviour gets better soon.

On to other things, Alice and I went out on a bike ride yesterday. Only around the village, so I could take some photographs. I had an idea for a new banner for the family web site, and it required getting some shots of the village. I photoshopped it last night and the finished article is exactly what I wanted. It will make it onto the top of the Blog pages in the fullness of time (a comprehensive update to the blog site is planned, but I shan't promise anything just yet for fear that motivitis will set in).

Been reading some more of Petite Anglais's blog, though in parts I felt quite uncomfortable. She has committed such intensely personal, intimate stuff to it that it feels like ...difficult to describe... it feels like what she is saying is something you'd say to your closest friend rather than publishing it for complete strangers to read on the web. Plus there is the added dimension that although it is very real, it is not real time - the entries I read about took place a year ago so so even though she sounds pretty screwed up, her situation is probably completely different today. All in all left me feeling rather melancholic, and reflective on the times (fortunately now long since) when I have felt screwed up. Now I just have an errant child to deal with!

As I awoke this morning I heard the patter of rain outside. Probably just enough to spoil the washing we'd forgotten to bring in last night. Sunny now, though. The guy sitting opposite me on the train has just cleaned his glasses, and ever so meticulously folded the cleaning cloth, very neatly, in half, then quarters, then eighths, then sixteenths. Wonder if he is a surgeon? Ah well, another week toward paying the taxman!

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