Monday, 10 July 2006

Oops, forgot...

Oh, one thing I did forget to mention. While I was home on Friday I did at least manage to tune in to the live Tour de France show on Eurosport. One of the pundits was a guy called David Duffield (anyone who follows cycling will have heard orf him), and this guy used to keep me entertained for hours at a time when he used to be over in France commentating on all of the stages from the Finish line. Really, the Murray Walker of cycling. Excellent chap, I've even found a web page with some of his quotes on it.

Now, he must be in his seventies and remains confined in the studio, presumably somewhere in the UK. But it was great to see and hear him once again. He and Sean Kelly really put all the others to shame, with the possible exception of Phil Liggett.

Anyway, they were in Brittany over the weekend, covering territory that is familiar to me. I think today is a rest day and tomorrow they jet down to the Pyrenees, when the race will become interesting and will undoubtedly be won and lost.

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