Saturday, 29 July 2006

Our House

I'd just like to wax lyrically about Google Earth. Wonderful program, if you haven't yet tried it.

They obviously concentrate on towns rather than the countryside (one field probably looking the same as any other to the untrained satellite), so our current house resembles a splodge of ink, but we could clearly see the place I lived in in New York, my mum's house and Jacqueline's flat.

Not so good France either (apart from central Paris) - both Brittany and La Sologne (where we holidayed recently) are quite poor quality. But this will only get better as time goes by.

Perhaps there is a role for global corporates after all???

Our house from 5000ft (somewhere)

My old apartment in NYC from 5000ft (obliterated by a giant pushpin!) Note the proximity to the WTC site, which I used to walk through every day on the way to the office. 9/11 probably freaked me out more than most...



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