Saturday, 22 July 2006

Raining (in my tent)

Well, it is Saturday evening and I'm watching the highlights of today's Tour de France time trial. As I mentioned the other day Pereiro started in yellow with Sastre and Landis within thirty seconds, but Landis is the best time trialist of the three. Of course I have already seen the result - Landis is indeed back in yellow - although looking at the highlights it isn't as clear cut as the numbers suggest. Certainly in the early part of the course the two are running near-equal. But as I say, over the course of the 57km (and they're averaging something like 50km/h - 30mph!) Landis ended up leading Pereiro by a minute. This means that barring a disaster Landis will be crowned tomorrow. A really excellent tour this year. Armstrong was of course superb but the openness of the tour this year has been the key.

Last night was different, to say the least. I spent most of it in the front garden, sleeping with Alice in her tent. This is something that I'd promised for a while, and we have to do it in the warm weather since Alice's "tent" is a simple little beach tent that we picked up a few years ago for £15 in Woolies! So it is great for Alice to play in but I wouldn't fancy taking it anywhere...

So, Alice and I had our adventure, although I have to say that I'm now of an age where a comfortable bed is quite important to me! I gave up at about 5:30am. Although I must have slept I had a stiff back and was quite cold. We'd had some rumbling thunder in the night, and some rain also (though fortunately not very heavy). Anyway, came inside the house and went straight to bed. Alice came in shortly afterward to ask my why I'd given up, even she went back to sleep on the sofa rather than in the tent.

Up and out today, we wold have been out earlier except we really had a thunderstorm and a half at lunchtime. Torrential rain and all - we had 20mm in just a couple of hours. Carlo, fortunately, was quite unperturbed. Maisie has also been around today and has been quite affectionate. Massive puddles as we later drove through Downton. A few hours later (we'd gone via Ferndown to Castle Point) it was so hot and sunny you'd never have known it had rained at all. Good for the plants, though.

No plans for tomorrow - now that's the kind of Sunday I like!

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