Friday, 21 July 2006

Schools Out

Basking in heat here. Its "down" to the high twenties today, but two days ago we got to the mid-thirties. I wish we'd bought that Air Conditioning unit....

Saw the highlights of an excellent stage of the Tour de France last night. Floyd Landis just pedalled away up the mountains and trounced everyone. This was all the more remarkable because the day before (which I hadn't seen) Landis, who had emerged as one of the main contenders for the yellow jesery, was dropped on the ascent of La Toussuire, and lost 10 minutes to his rivals, all in the last 10km of the stage. So, to all intents and purposes hit Tour was over, except obviously nobody told Landis yet and to watch him yesterday was to watch something special. It was like watching Armstrong in the mountains when he used to decide "enough is enough" and put his foot down.

Thus far today they're all taking it easy, I suppose gearing up for a time trial tomorrow (where Landis should again do well). So it is all finely balanced. And of course Sunday they arrive at the Champs Elysees. Even if he doesn't make it (he's 30 seconds down on yellow) Landis will be a force in years to come I'm sure. Good for him.

Alice breaks up school today, and I have promised her that if she behaves herself, we'll sleep in the tent in the garden tonight. What have I done?

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