Monday, 10 July 2006

Weekend Blues

Mixed weekend, with about 90% frustration and 10% achievement.

Jacqueline needed to be in Yeovil Friday on her course, so I took the day off, which is quite rare for me - even if I'm not at clients I generally get up to something work-related. Having dropped Alice off I headed into Salisbury to sample a quiet Friday morning. Did not go particularly well - I went to a cafe and had a particularly awful bacon roll. The roll itself tasted more like pastry, and it had obviously been nuked since it was very hot.

Oh, how I miss David Brown's. It is such a great shame but there are no decent tea rooms in Salisbury any more.

Anyway, thereon to a pretty lousy haircut - not at all what I asked for but at least passable. Lastly, I tried to get a toy that Alice had asked for - its her birthday in a few weeks - but everywhere (well, there were only two toy shops that I could think of) had sold out. I was hoping to avoid going to Hamleys, but...

So all of this took up most of the morning. Back home for a couple of hours R&R, before out again to see Alice in her school play. Her school is obviously very affluent since it assumes - most probably correctly - that parents don't have jobs. Anything you care to mention takes place during the day, consequently I am never generally around to see these events. I remember this happened last year with their carol service. Anyway, Friday was the exception, and I settled own to be entertained for an hour. Alice, of course, had a small part, I doubt the teacher would trust her with anything else! But she loved it and liked all the applause.

Rounded Friday off with a visit to the vet - the last time I was there was with Barney - to get the kitten checked out and jabbed. We also got him de-flead, since he really was infested moreso than we'd realised. For the rest of the day he as a very hacked-off pussy! One thing, though. I let him out for the first time Friday and he was fine, loved it, took everything in, then came back in to reflect on what he'd seen (or took a nap, not sure which).

Saturday was a wasted day. I'd ordered an upgrade to the ADSL service, which apparently happened Friday. I thought I'd notice when the old service stopped working, but it didn't. So Saturday I resolved to give it a try. In theory all I needed to do was change the existing username and password, and chocks away, but of course life is never that simple. For starters, I was unable to edit the existing settings, only delete them. Then, I couldn't find any manuals which seemed to apply to me, they were all geared toward a later version of the router, so I decided to flash the updated firmware onto it, obtained from the manufacturer's site. Thereon, everything "looked" fine, but nothing worked. In particular I was following their instructions to the letter and the router wasn't having any of it. Probably the last paragraph has been extremely boring, but imagine I was doing all this messing about until around 10pm and you'll get the idea...

So, I packed in on Saturday, with the internet connection still stuffed.

Sunday, we went to Morrisons for the weekly shop, and this must represent about 5% of the achievement mentioned above. Back home, and back to this router - the problem wasn't going to go away and if we wanted internet access back I was going to have to sort it out. I did a recap of everything I'd done Saturday - by now things were clearer in my head at least - but to no avail. I had almost resigned myself to having to buy a new router when I had a hunt for the original cd which came with it (about 3 years ago). The miracle was that I actually found it! Fortunately it had firmware drivers on it too, so I flashed the router once again, this time to revert back to the version I had been using. After all, until a day before it had worked fine for me for the last three years.

Once the old software was installed I made quite rapid progress, got the router working properly and, when I connected a pc straight in, I got the internet. The only thing left to do was to configure another router/firewall. I had to faff around with this for a while but there were only half a dozen possible changes I could make, so within a couple of reboots all was well. Took until teatime.

After that, mowed the lawn - mower needs a service - and set up Alice's tent in the front garden. Then, settled down to watch the world cup final.

Not a brilliant game, both teams very cautious but France looked the better side. However after an early goal apiece the game drifted into extra time. Vieira got himself injured, which can't have helped, then Henry was substituted, then incredibly Zizou got himself sent off. His last ever game and by far the best player on the pitch, and a moment of madness ended it all. Of course by now France were somewhat blunted, and penalties became reality. As if to show the quality of the players everyone scored except poor old David Trezeguet, whose penalty hit the underside of the bar and bounced down in front of the goal line. So, 5-4 and Italy had won the cup. A Bridge too far...

So, les Bleus lost the final, but on the bright side our internet service is now back and faster than ever.


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