Tuesday, 4 July 2006

World Cup

Following on from my diatribe about football the other day, I must report that I have just watched an amazing, thrilling semi-final between Germany and Italy. In stark contrast to the England performances, this was an excellent game between two teams who both knew how to attack, and who went out wanting to attack.
Despite the quality of the football (or perhaps because of it) the game remained scoreless until only 90 seconds before the end of extra time. 118 minutes. Then, the Italians popped up with a crushing winner, a well-placed strike from their right back. To add insult to injury, only a minute later they broke again and Alessandro del Piero crashed a shot past Lehman for the second.

Restores one's faith in football. Its France - Portugal tomorrow.....Allez les Bleus!!

The other major thing dominating our life at the moment is, of course, Carlo, who continues to endear himself to us despite what we have found to be a rather considerable flea problem. As regards his behaviour, I think "kamikaze" is the best description. Utterly fearless, because he doesn't know any better, it is great to see him exploring things for the first time. Out in the garden (well supervised of course) it is a pleasure to see him becoming familiar with the environment. And of course he is very playful - Alice seems to have calmed a little now but even so, he loves the attention. He follows us around and has displaced Maisie from our bed for the last two nights. Maisie is still very much hacked off, but both Jacqueline and I are making a big fuss of her when we see her. It'll settle down soon I'm sure.

Doesn't help that since the weekend every day has been above 30°, a veritable heat wave, still, shouldn't complain. I'll be glad when we can open the windows though.

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