Monday, 7 August 2006

Carlo - a day in the life

Drip, drip, drip. I hear the rhythmic beating of the tap as I stir from my slumbers. Too early, the alarm is yet to burst into life. Try to put it out of my mind.

Drip, drip, drip. How come I didn't hear it last night?

Drip, drip... As if by a miracle it stops. Grateful for silence once again, I turn over.

Drip, drip, drip, it starts again. Semi-conscious now, I am able to discern that the noise is not, in fact, a tap. As I awaken further, the sound is not a "drip", but most definitely a quiet, methodical "crunch". The boy has been out for breakfast...

A good weekend, somewhat productive. Alice has - or rather will have later today - a new bike. She has far outgrown her current bike. I wanted to wait until next spring, when hopefully she would have grown enough for us to buy her a bike which would see her straight through to age 11, but the pair of them badgered me into submission. Still, not a bad idea, given the amount of money she got for her birthday. The major step forward of this bike from the last, apart from size, is the addition of six gears, which Alice is looking forward to trying out. So they pick it up this afternoon and are planning on putting it through its paces in a nearby country park.
This shopping trip aside, the only other excursion was a visit to the supermarket, and indeed we were back home by Saturday lunchtime. Feeling the need for fitness, on Saturday afternoon we cycled, en famille, across to the next village (a massive couple of miles away), where we sat out in the garden of the village pub, and I enjoyed a long, cool pint of beer. Ample reward...

On Saturday evening I completed some "work" - I had been in the process of upgrading the servers in the office, and finished this off. Surprisingly straightforward, with each server just requiring a license key, then pretty much upgrading itself all on its own. So now the servers are running operating systems a mere three years old! I also took time out to run an evaluation copy of some software which will tell me who's been visiting the web sites.

Sunday was the same, only different. More work, this time continuing with an ongoing project. None of us ventured out all day, although the day was so humid that "going and doing" anything did not seem too bright. Even the boy, who spent most of the morning playing with a vole he'd caught at about 7am, spent most of the afternoon in "siesta" mode.

The only planned activity for the day (at least the only activity I had any intention of doing!), a refreshing evening swim, was scuppered when we found that all of the pools hereabouts closed at 5 o'clock on Sundays.
Obviously rapidly developing his hunting skills, Carlo caught some more prey - this time a poor, tiny wren - later yesterday evening. Given his penchant for eating birds (generally whole), he was subsequently banished into the garden. Maisie, meanwhile, made brief appearences throughout, although since I managed to deflea her (obtaining several battle scars in the process) she has been on her guard against me.

And so we fast forward to this morning. No need to put any Iams out for the boy, then!

PS - writing this on the train. Neither air conditioning nor open windows. Feels like an oven. Will, I am sure, be in no fit state to do a day's work when I get to London. Thank you, South West Trains.

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