Thursday, 24 August 2006

Clouds and Cats

Amidst grey clouds and rain showers, Alice went out for the day yesterday - to Bournemouth beach! Apparently, she loved it.

I must say I'd feel a little cheated this year, if I were a child. All that glorious weather during June and July, yet August has been quite awful. I note that nobody has mentioned the word "drought" in a while. And back to school next week...

The positive thing about the inclement weather is that it does appear, eventually, to have brought Maisie back indoors. The last few evenings she has happily accepted food and a fuss, and yesterday both cats could be found napping on the same sofa - albeit at opposite ends. I was also thinking about Carlo the other day, how much he's grown in the ten weeks he's been with us, how loudly he purrs, how gorgeous he is in general. But I'm glad Maisie is coming home once again.

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