Monday, 14 August 2006


I filled my car up with petrol on Friday. £61.39, the most expensive ever.

This was my weekend of freedom - Jacqueline and Alice are over at her mum's and I can be a batchelor/slob once again. So, after the petrol, a visit to the supermarket was required.

They're pretty darned slick over at Waitrose Marketing Department. I was over in the meat section, looking to get some bacon for Saturday breakfast, when I spotted some 'British Beef Grillsteaks', containing beef, onion and seasoning, weighing 340g and costing £1.99. Across the aisle I saw 'Beef Hachés', obviously the superior equivalent for the discerning Francophile. For information, said Beef Hachés contained beef, onion and seasoning, weighed in at 325g, and cost £3.99.

See? it costs to have bilingual pretensions!

Friday night through Sunday, then, was one long orgy of soft sex, casual alcohol and cheap drugs. Or at least, that was the plan...

In reality I needed to be out first thing Saturday in order to pick up some new disks for the computers, one the perils of being home alone meaning that all reputable couriers drop cards through doors rather than leaving goods in porch hopeful that no-one will nick 'em! One computer was relatively straightforward to upgrade, although it took a couple of hours since I was doing this for the first time. The other computer - or rather the other disk - proved somewhat more problematic, and indeed even having spent a couple of hours yesterday trying over again (even trying to install it into a different computer) at 10pm last night I admitted defeat. (But I have a plan for next weekend!)

Grateful for the peace and quiet, on Saturday evening / Sunday morning I immersed myself in a game of Civilization, something Jacqueline likes a lot. Of course I played at a level where I eventually won (about the third level up), although when I looked at the stats at the end of the game I was staggered to see almost 8 hours playing-time. Of course that would have included times when the program was running and I'd left the room, but even so...

Sunday afternoon was spent working on a "project", and I'm hopeful that very shortly I'll be able to upgrade the blog site to make it a little more... interactive... We're almost there, just some test scripts to wade through. The trouble is finding the time - yesterday I managed to put a solid five hours in but I wouldn't be able to do that if the family were around.

In the background on Sunday was the Charity Shield, between Liverpool and Chelsea, meaning that from now until next June there will be six or seven live football matches per week available. I'm not a serious football fan any more but they're interesting veg-out material, and they beat Boomerang!

The family is back tonight. Maybe then they'll be able to tell me where they've hidden the remote control.

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