Friday, 25 August 2006

Misty Morning


I got up this morning around 6am, the house was covered in a thick blanket of mist and it felt positively cold. Has summer come to an end?

In my car to the station, however, an almost mystical transformation took place, and by the time I got to Salisbury the sun was beating down. So, hopefully not over yet - not for a little while at any rate.

We are rapidly approaching the bank holiday weekend, and I am determined to have at least one lie-in. We must get Alice school some shoes, which must be done on Saturday, but apart from that we have no definite plans.

Last night was a night with a difference. Alice and Jacqueline got themselves invited to a party at a neighbour's house. I got the impression that it was a kids' party but they were still out when I arrived home - late and tired - just after eight. Grateful for the peace and quiet I settled down for a soak in the bath, transforming from somebody who was tired, stressed and short-tempered into something a whole lot more pleasant.

When the pair of them got home, Jacqueline was well-and-truly drunk, could not stop giggling. Fortunately she'd had the sense to leave the car at the neighbour's (though why she drove there in the first place I'm not sure). Alice, apparently, behaved very well and had lots of fun.

For me, after the trouble upgrading that dodgy hard disk, a new drive arrived yesterday, so once out of my bath I set about tinkering. Even that wasn't straightforward, my attempted clone overnight failed. Still, I tried again this morning using a different method, and as I left the house it all appeared to be going ok. Hopefully sorting that out will not take great swathes of my time over the weekend.

Once I'd finished with the computer, I settled down in front of the tv (Alice and Jac had gone pretty much immediately to bed) and was treated to an extremely dated episode of "Auf Wiedersehen, Pet", followed by an even older but still hilarious Tommy Cooper show. The joys of Granada Men and Motors.

Up on the train to London now, looks like the mist is quite widespread, though the sun is steadily burning it off. Beautiful, especially from a warm train!

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