Thursday, 3 August 2006

Music to my ears

By the time I'm on the tube platform the mp3 player is playing Bowie (Ziggy Stardust) and I manage to smile and to put the world's greyness behind me. A vast improvement on a few weeks ago - I finally got my act together and copied 500MB worth of songs onto my phone's memory card. A new pair of headphones (and boy, what superb headphones), and we're away to go.

Of course 500MB is a mere fraction of the 25GB of songs we have ripped from our CD collection - I won't rip songs from the web on principle, but there again I object to the way both iTunes and Windows Media Player work, where you purchase a rights-protected file. So, the likelihood I'll go over to HMV (or Amazon if I'm prepared to wait), buy the CD, and immediately rip it before Alice gets the chance to scratch it.

I talk very little about my music taste, mainly since my taste is so wide. At college, it was quite easy to put myself into a pigeonhole by saying that my favourite music was soul and reggae. Not so at 38, although I do still like these genres in particular. The concept of "Greatest Hits" albums which seems to have prevaled over the last couple of years has been good for me - I have such albums from artists such as e.g. Prefab Sprout, Elvis Presley, Manic Street Preachers, Paul Simon, Paul McCartney, REM, Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel....... many of them artists from whom I've never bought any other albums.

Favourite individual track *right now* is the Manics Design for Life.

Favourite all time tracks are (in the order I remember them):
  • Bob Marley - Give Thanks
  • Aswad - African Children Part 2
  • Louis Armstrong - Moon River (I also love Audrey Hepburn's version of this song, but the film I can take or leave)
  • Cyndi Lauper - True Colors
  • Tracy Chapman - Baby can I hold you
  • Buddy Holly - True Love Ways
  • Freddie Mercury - Days of our Lives
  • George Harrison - My Sweet Lord
There may be a couple more, and some of the ones above just shade it, but you probably get the picture...

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