Saturday, 2 September 2006


On the bank holiday we went to a barbeque being thrown by one of the GPs in Jacqueline's practise, to celebrate his having been there twenty years. We went to their house - a lovely house in a great area of Salisbury - and I met Jac's workmates for the first time, but the person who was really bowled over was Alice.

These people had a lovely garden, on three levels. The barbeque was being held on the patio, at the top. However on the middle level was a lawn with an apple tree in the centre. On the apple tree was a real home-made swing, which Alice loved.

The bottom level looked like it had been devoted to growing things, but of special interest to Alice were the chickens...

Needless to say I was treated to all of this when Alice insisted on giving me a guided tour.

In fairness Alice is very good at these public occasions - far more at ease than Jacqueline of myself - and ended up endearing herself to all an sundry. The thing that impressed her most, however, was the family dog. Very docile, and it obviously loved Alice's attention since it was following her around. By the time we left we'd secured invites to walk the dog whenever we liked, and the senior partner of the practise (who seemed a nice chap and somebody who liked a joke) was ribbing us about having to get a dog of our own.

The reason for bringing all of this up? Well, its eight o'clock on Saturday morning and Alice has just asked when we're going to take Tosca for a walk.....

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