Friday, 15 September 2006

Days Gone By

I used to hate days like this when I was at school. Grey and raining, at least these days I have the option to lie in and listen to the rain pounding onto the garden, if only to grab an extra half-hour in bed.

I did a silly thing at the client's yesterday. I normally keep the email at the client's for purely client-related business purposes, but yesterday I was taking a break and found a hilarious video on the web, of some guys doing a dance routine on some treadmills. If I can still find the link I'll post it later. Anyway, the people by me were wondering why I was laughing so I sent them the link - except the smart Microsoft email-address filler auto-completed an email address which was wrong. So instead of the guy next to me getting the link, it got sent to his namesake, of whom I've never heard before. Idiot. If it had been work-related, fine, but the fact that it was trivia could be potentially embarrasing. Still...

No plans for the weekend. It would be good to do a little tidying up in the garden, but I don't fancy that in the rain.

But right now I need to stop writing and put my headphones on - the carriage today is full of suited squaddies loudly discussing state secrets with each other, travelling with first-class tickets bought with my taxes. I need to shut them out.

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