Monday, 2 October 2006

Business Update

On a work front, today is seventeen years to the day since I first did a day's work. (Some would say seventeen years since I *last* did a day's work!) And my working life is not yet half over...

Some good news, too. Anyone who has read back-entries through this blog will realise that I operate as a consultant rather than as a permanent employee. This involves running my own company etc. etc.

One of the side-effects of this type of setup is that, instead of being employed "indefinitely", my company is contracted to provide services for a set period of time. With the current client, this contract was due to expire at the end of October.

My feeling, as has been echoed a couple of times in the blog, is that I found working with the client quite menial much of the time. I have had far deeper technical roles in the past, and have been paid far more handsomely for them. The current market conditions forced me to the conclusion that it is now time to move on.

I was surprised, however, at just how much the clients wanted to keep me. I suppose I made it pretty obvious that I was about to walk, they obviously picked up on this and at the end of last week offered a much improved deal, both in terms of the nature of the services and the renumeration. Very surprised.

So now it looks like I will be signing up to provide services to the client for another year...

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