Monday, 23 October 2006

Change of Plans

This entry might have to be brief since the battery on my phone is low.

First job of the day was to check out of the hotel. We were due to spend another two nights there but on both Saturday and yesterday we had to go downstairs and ask that they turned some music off - our room was almost over the restaurant and even though the restaurant was empty the music was still blaring out. Too much.

So, all checked out we headed to Thirsk, which was a lovely way to spend the morning. Also, though we'd had rain overnight, we had lovely sunshine today. A visit to Thirsk would be incomplete without visiting the Herriot museum, where the house is kept almost as it was from forty or fifty years ago. I read all of the Herriot books as a teenager, and not long ago read Alf Wight's biography, and so for me the visit was totally in context. Jac had never read his books, but I think her appetite has now been whetted.

On from Thirsk up to Richmond. Nice enough, but Richmond seemed subtly less affluent than the other places we'd visited. The market square was pretty, and the view from the castle superb, but we both felt as if it were time to leave after a couple of hours.

Back into Wensleydale to Leyburn, where we've booked into a small Bed and Breakfast for the night. We got here about 4:30, time enough to explore the Market Square and to sample one of the local tea shops. To Jacqueline's thinking, a cream tea is justified each day by the amount of walking we've been doing, although I'm not so sure...

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