Monday, 2 October 2006

Concerned for Carlo

We're very anxious at the moment - Carlo has gone missing. The last time he was spotted was Thursday afternoon.

I have done the "walk" up the lane, to make sure he wasn't lying dead by the side of the road, and fortunately the road was clear.

Difficult to know what to make of things - we have to appear positive for Alice's sake, but Jacqueline has said to me that she thinks we've seen the last of him. For all his usual bravado, he is only five months old and is generally to be found not too far from a warm bed at night. Certainly both Barney and Maisie have had spells when they've both disappeared. After a time they reappeared, but they had been injured (Barney in particular) and required visits to the vets. Having said that, I had a cat in Oxford once (Boston) who would happily disappear for up to three weeks' at a time.

Maybe he'd got wind that he was about to have his knackers chopped off?

The one family member who does seem happy with the news is Maisie, she is behaving exactly as she did after Barney's death. We dented her happines somewhat on Saturday, when I took her to the vet's to have her annual jabs (during which time she managed to give me a deep, inch-long scratch on my hand), but even this did not perturb her for long. I think, if Carlo does not return, the lesson we take from this is that Maisie likes the house to herself.

Apart from this, a quiet weekend. I was clearing out the car on Saturday and came across a bag from the farmers' market which had been overlooked. Some of the cheese may be salvageable but clearly the lamb steaks were fit only for the bin!

Yesterday I caught up on paperwork, filling out the dreaded VAT return and processing some receipts etc. O how I detest this stuff nowadays.

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