Sunday, 22 October 2006


We've just returned from a lovely day exploring the Dales.

We started the day with a lovely cooked breakfast here at the hotel, with the weather alternating between bright and overcast.

Up to Leyburn, a beautiful village, and through Redmire (the village we stayed in during my childhood holidays - I didn't recognise anywhere) to Castle Bolton, where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned for a time. After a somewhat windswept tour (the weather still holding) we drove on to Aysgarth Falls, which were spectacular. I don't know whether the photos will show it but the water, which was in full flow, had a red/brown tinge. We lunched at Aysgarth - a cheese roll, delicious Wensleydale of course - and then motored further along Wensleydale to Hawes, a charming little town.

At this point our luck with the weather ran out, and our anoraks were aired. By this time we felt in the mood for afternoon tea, so stopped at the Wensleydale Creamery (which, we found strange for a creamery, did not serve proper cream). The weather by now having totally greyed over, we set off once again, southward over the fells and down into Wharfdale. The sheep grazing freely beside the fast-running river reminded me a little of north Wales, although what really makes this area stand out are the dry stone walls. Absolutely lovely, and though I hate to say it, we are so chilled out without Alice.

Just short of Skipton we turned back east across Nidderdale to Pateley Bridge (again, lovely) and then north-east back up to Masham. All-in-all, a lovely day. A shame we have only two more to go...

Alice has just phoned and had a great time at Chester Zoo. By the sounds of things she has bought at least a couple of cuddly toys. Oh, and I have read some more about the bombing of Masham. Apparently the Germans dropped two parachute mines (the question remains, why?) which destroyed a pub and some houses, and actually killed six. So why only four mentioned on the memorial? Perhaps the other two were atheists? Or maybe servicemen? The plot thickens...

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