Sunday, 15 October 2006

Not over yet

I should probably write an addendum to last night's entry.

One of the reasons that Alice became unbearably tearful last night was that she and I went for a torchlight walk - the grounds of this place were beautiful - and Alice stumbled and tripped. She is normally quite a hardy soul but this time it obviously hurt.

Still, despite complaining all the way to bed she dropped off immediately. I remember back to when I broke my arm, and sleep was impossible, so I thought the omens were good.

However, this morning, she was still complaining, and so we enter the parents' nightmare. Of course she was putting it on somewhat - she reeled in pain even as I tried to put a sock on her *other* foot. But of course you can't ignore her - if she really has broken her foot then the sooner it gets treated the better. And of course the only way to know for sure is to get an x-ray.

So guess where we were at 7:30 this morning? Yep, Maidstone A&E.

A wait, an x-ray and a bandage later, we arrive back at the hotel in time for breakfast.

Alice, hobbling along, has now recovered sufficiently to want to go for a swim. But of course the answer is No - getting us all up at 7 o'clock to rush to A&E is a major thing, and the last thing I am prepared to do is to trivialise it as though nothing has happened. In the worst case, if Alice really was swinging the lead, she needs to know that there are consequences to it. Anything else and, well, she's probably better off not swimming today anyway.

Jacqueline has said some quite negative things about her family this morning. We hadn't discussed it but obviously she's picked up some of the same stuff that I've picked up. We've both felt like outsiders this weekend - not really a problem for me since I've never really considered myself an "insider" - but Jacqueline has always thought she was quite close to her mum and sisters. is like the bloody cosa nostra not matter what family you're in.

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