Friday, 13 October 2006

Not your average journey home

I am travelling out of London, but the surroundings are unfamiliar. The train is different, and the locations have only very distant memories (Clapham, Brixton), are places of which I have only ever heard (Catford), or sometimes even never heard of (Crofton Park anyone?) Catford in particular - the stunning views toward the sheer wealth of Canary Wharf are unceremoniously blotted out by the huge concrete tower blocks, in one place three or four deep.

We pass through Bromley - prime commuterland and though the blocks of flats have disappeared the rows upon rows of terraced houses serve as a stark reminder that we are only twenty minutes out of Victoria.
A field, a wood, the surroundings are gradually starting to be punctuated. A cemetery, with neat rows of white gravestones. More fields....was that a landfill site? But it is beginning to get dark, I'm not too sure just how much more I will see.

It is the Friday getaway, my sister-in-law Susan is taking the plunge for the second time (brave woman!) and we're spending the weekend over by Maidstone. A little over an hour on the train, so I am getting off lightly compared to my normal journey. At this moment, however, poor old Jacqueline is either on the M3, the M25, M26 or M20 - I think I have the better deal somehow.

With any luck I'll get to the hotel sufficiently before them - and before the in-laws notice my arrival, for there will be a full house this weekend - to chill for a little while in the room.

Now it is completely dark. We must be rural-ish since the phone has no signal. Must make sure I stay awake!

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