Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Quiet Night

Last night's entry was interrupted in the end not by the phone giving out (it is happily sitting here with two bars on the battery indicator), but by the desire to get a good, home-cooked meal inside us, and the Bolton Arms did us proud.

Leyburn is such a pretty village, and even despite there being a distinct nip in the air as we walked back to the b&b, the stroll was lovely.

I have just woken from a (wonderfully quiet) night's slumbers, and can hear Jacqueline breathing deeply beside me. Being up here has been so relaxing - normally at this time I would be London-bound. Today - our last day here - we will visit York and will take a hotel down there this evening. I have to say that even though the place we're staying at (Clyde House) is very well equipped and very quiet, we both feel less comfortable staying in b&bs than we would staying in a hotel. Basically the fact that you're staying in someone else's house is just that little bit too personal for us. Strange? Probably...

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