Monday, 9 October 2006


To our immense relief, the boy cat is home once again, though not without it costing an arm and a leg in the process. We found out on Friday that he'd spent the last week in a vet's in Salisbury.

He'd been knocked down - only a short way from our house by the sounds of things, and someone had spotted him lying by the side of the road and whisked him to the vet. He looked quite bloody and was in a pretty bad way, according to the woman who found him.

Despite the fact that I'd phoned the RSPCA and our local vet in Fordingbridge, we actually found out about his whereabouts from Caroline - who is one of these people who seems to know everyone and everything that's going on. True enough, when Jacqueline phoned the vet, they confirmed the story. So, Friday evening Jac headed over there to pick up a good-as-new Carlo. We literally could not tell that anything had happened to him, although he did manage to lose a couple of teeth.

We got the phone number of the woman who had found him from the vet, and I called her Friday night to say thanks, and popped Alice around there Saturday morning with some flowers. I guess in some ways it must have been bittersweet for her, since she had children of her own and had actually arranged with the vet that she would give Carlo a home, in the event that nobody claimed him.

Strangely enough, as a result of Carlo's visit to the vet's, he's now - officially - no longer a rampant male! It is ironic that, had he not gone missing, we'd have been booking him in for the very same operation. Another thing, which seems remarkably sensible with hindsight, was that the vet chipped him, so if ever he gets lost again...

So, on the agenda this week is to sort out some insurance for Carlo - yes we were caught again! - and to enquire about having Maisie chipped.

Who needs kids with cats around?

The rest of the weekend was spent at shop. Saturday we popped over to West Quay to get some shoes for Alice. The occasion is Susan's forthcoming wedding, and Alice was thrilled to get her first pair of high-heels. Yesterday we headed over to the Farmers' Market in Winchester, although the selection wasn't as good as last time. Good lunch in the Slug and Lettuce - very trendy.

This morning the train is packed - very few seats available even at Salisbury. Britain is obviously taking its security seriously still, as the squaddie sitting opposite me is reading "restricted" staff reports in full view of the rest of the carriage.

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