Saturday, 14 October 2006

Trial by Ordeal

Jeeeeez, thank god for that, we survived the wedding..... So unbelievably stressful.......never again.
It has just ended for us with a taxi ride back to the hotel. Over the last hour Alice has become hysterical, she has basically become overtired.

Remarkable things about the wedding:

Susan has two daughters, yet only one of them was asked to be the bridesmaid. The other daughter simply did a reading. Of course I am totally ignorant of the politics of the situation, but I did find it a little surprising.

The other bridesmaid was Susan's sister Lorraine. Her kids, Lucy and Solomon, were there as a page boy/flower girl. Jacqueline wasn't asked to be a bridesmaid, neither was Alice asked to be a flower girl. I wasn't aware of this until the actual ceremony itself, had I been I'd have stayed home.

The wedding was in a lovely location, and for mid-October the weather was fine and bright. The ceremony was held outdoors.

At the reception, I went without wine. Everybody else's place had a set of glasses, except for mine. So I thought "fuck it". I know - I could have just asked for a glass, but why should I have to?

The bar was apparently open to everybody but me - I was charged for my beer, everyone else got theirs courtesy of the bride and groom, Again, I'm sure none of this was deliberate, but why did it happen when I went to the bar?

So, all told, I am infinitely relieved we had the wedding we had (two witnesses only, no guests), and am resolved not to go to any more of these things. Families are dodgy things.

Back now in the room, the family is asleep and I have caught Four Weddings and a Funeral. Despite the fact that it is a very cheesy film, despite the fact that I am obviously not genetically disposed to weddings in general!, I do like this film....

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