Thursday, 19 October 2006

TV Tastes

For some strange reason, Alice has taken to waking herself up, and getting herself up, shortly after me. She basically decamps to the bathroom, duvet and all, while I am in the shower.

When I get out of the shower, off we head to the lounge, where she puts the tv on.

For some even stranger reason, she seems to have become hooked on a programme called "Bespoked", on Sky Sports apparently every morning, which is basically about trail-biking (on both motorbikes and pushbikes). Quite why grown men riding (and frequently crashing) at speed along muddy trails appeals to my darling seven-year-old "girly" daughter I have yet to fathom.

The surreality is complete when she pipes up, "I want one of those for christmas"!

Web site tip, for anyone out there with kids, looks really good. Based closely on the UK National Curriculum, Alice's teacher even set her homework through it last week. We're still at the "free trial" stage but I phoned them up was told that entering the word "school" into the coupon field will reduce the cost of the subscription by a tenner. Good stuff.

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