Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Catch Up

Becoming very lazy, it must be the dark days (and even darker nights) we've been having. Went to the Farmers' market last Sunday and got soaked - Jacqueline had the sense to stay in bed. I did, however, order the christmas turkey.

Alice proved herself to be something of a dark horse - after the usual moaning about doing homework when she finally got to do it not only did she do it quickly but she also did it proficiently. I've always thought her quite weak at math but she was able to do her times tables with very few problems. The work was set from this Education City website, so assuming the questions were typical for her age, she did very well indeed. She only got 9/10 first time around, so being the hard taskmaster that I am I got her to do it once again, whereupon she got full marks.

Been upgrading computers again. Upgraded Alice's hard disk, plus the hard disk in my laptop. For the desktop machines, whenever I've upgraded the disks I've always upgraded them to Maxtor disks, and Maxtor have published a (freeware) utility which allows disk cloning - but only where one of the disks is a Maxtor disk. When upgrading the laptop, though, I had to find an alternative. The laptop is a development machine and so I run Windows 2003 Server on it. I contacted one company who told me that because it was a "server" operating system, I would have to buy their whizz-bang server product for $699 (the new hard disk just cost £75), however I found another vendor - Acronis - who push a product called MigrateEasy. It is very slick, very painless, very easy to use, and did not whine about my "server" system. It is also very cheap ($40 to buy, $0 for a fifteen day trial). It was so good that I set it going as I went to bed last night, and this morning I was greeted by a simple message telling me that everything was finished, I swapped the new disk for the old one, and simply started the computer up. Wonderful. So good, in fact, that I have no further need for the software so won't be going beyond the trial version. However I've made a note of their name, so if ever I need (or am asked to recommend) a backup solution...

Apart from that....have just paid the Revenue off so am now quits with them; on the other hand, my car is due for its service/mot; have finally got Alice to write down a list of all the presents she'd like for christmas, and I think I'm just going to give her the money. Oh, and I've booked for us to come up to the west end over christmas to see The Snowman. In lieu of panto this year, I think.

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