Thursday, 2 November 2006

I smell winter

Last weekend the clocks went back, so my journeys home are now immersed in darkness. Then over the last two days there has been an overnight frost on my car. We have gone during the course of just three days from a low of around 8° Tuesday, 3.5° yesterday, with a light dusting of frost, down to zero today, and a somewhat thicker frost.

For all of that, because of it I suppose, the weather is bright and as I drove into Salisbury this morning the cathedral appeared at its finest.

I have been lazy with my blogging this week, having felt under the weather since around Sunday. However colds are only to be expected at this time of year, and most everyone is sniffing at the moment. In essense, therefore, not a great deal has happened.

I interviewed some people on the client's behalf earlier on in the week - my first time interviewing in around four years, and my first time at all on behalf of this client. Great fun doing it and almost having lost my voice!

I put the Yorkshire photos in the web site last Sunday, some quite good ones in there, must try and put one into the blog at some point. I was so struck by the Dales that I have since been onto eBay and bought a couple of "landscape" books of the area - Jacqueline would say they're a waste of money, which is why she doesn't know!

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