Sunday, 12 November 2006

Windy Miller

I've been a bit worried about my weather station lately. The weather here has been calm for a few weeks now, but even so I was a little concerned that in all that time, the wind speed indicator has not moved above zero.

Now, its not overly unsual for the wind speed to be zero for a day or so, but for about the last three weeks? The wind direction indicator is obviously working, since that has been showing realistic values throughout. Unsurprisingly the wind speed and direction are measured from the same instrument, so at least if the direction were working it would be unlikely to be either the connection or the base unit (which has been measuring temprtature etc. quite happily).

I'd resigned myself to having to buy a new piece of kit - apparently these things only last so long in any case - but today (in near dark and after around 4 hours tidying the garden, I might add) I summoned the courage to climb onto the roof to take a look just in case.

Lo and behold the little propeller seemed to have been jammed by, of all things, a sycamore seed.

Only thing is, it is very still once again right now, so I haven't been able to see whether I've fixed the problem yet. Otherwise I guess I'll just end up dipping into my pocket once again - plus of course another trip onto the roof.

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