Monday, 25 December 2006

Christmas Spirit

Ah, Christmas is done for another year.

We've just finished lunch, which was a great success and has left everybody stuffed. A traditional turkey dinner (delicious, ordered from one of the farms from the Farmers' Market, and picked up yesterday) complete with all the trimmings.

To start lunch, of course the obligatory crackers were pulled - I bought some Fortnum and Mason Liqueur crackers, and Alice was pleasantly surprised to receive, along with her joke and hat, a minature of a 12-year-old single malt! In previous years these crackers have also contained a delicious after-dinner mint each, but strangely they appear to have discontinued this practise. A shame, although the house is swimming in chocolate at the moment so I can't complain.

Alice, of course, is deleriously happy, Father Christmas having delivered Pixel Chix galore to the house. In fairness to her, she was very good since she woke up with a tummy ache in the middle of the night, after Father Christmas had been, but was content just to snuggle up to a teddy bear poking out of the top of her sack, and a hot water bottle. She then slept through uptil around 7:30am. I know that when I was her age, had I woken in the middle of the night, I would have spent the next couple of hours unwrapping presents!
It is slightly ironic that, for all the presents she received, she has got the most fun so far out of a joke present I bought for Jacqueline - a radio-controlled dalek! (Very useful for warning the cat off the baubles as it happens!) Jacqueline's other present was a Bose docking station for her iPod, which I have to admit gives out a truly superb sound (though it should for the price).

For me, I was given a couple of books, plus a Dvd of the second Pirates of the Carribean - doubtless a good yarn for this evening, some smallies and, from my mother, the obligatory socks. Bless her, she tries so hard!
Christmas being a Monday this year, we've had plenty of time to prepare. Though we nominally did the Christmas shop last weekend, there was still time to visit the shops once again this week. For me, I worked the full week last week, though obviously the client's was very quiet. Even more, I've decided to go in between Christmas and New Year - there's just so much I need to get on top of at the moment.

My car survived its service with a clean bill of health, though unfortunately I managed to scrape the loan car, so I will need to pay the insurance excess on top of the service bill. Idiot! Just as well I'm working this week!

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