Monday, 11 December 2006

Stormy Times

Its been a while since I wrote a blog in detail, and this I'm afraid is for one reason only - motivitis!

We've just spent a lethargic weekend watching not a great deal on the tv, and watching the rain fall on the garden. Alice could not get hold of her friend Jack, so even she was moping around the house. It is still stormy now, and this is the forecast for the rest of the week. Still, I suppose we are spared from the cold - for the moment at least.

First things first, I have paid off the Inland Revenue. In truth, it probably turned out no different to it would have done had I filed the return at the last possible moment, it is just the hassle of having to discuss it with them. So, for a month or two at least, I'm working for myself and not for Gordon. That having been said, the car is having its service next week so I probably shouldn't speak too soon.

Of course we are gearing up for christmas. Over the last week or so I've bought most of the presents I intend buying. Basically everyone has ended up furnishing me with their requirements in advance, all I've really done is to be the errand boy. Of course there will be a couple of surprises - I can't wait to see Jacqueline's face when she opens her radio-controlled dalek, for example!

One of the things we did do at the weekend was to sort out the tree - as usual obtained from the garden centre at Wilton. It seems incredibly early, but in reality there was only this weekend and next. Anyways, said tree is now standing on the driveway in a bucket of water! I got the decorations out of the loft yesterday, so they can bring it in and decorate it at their leisure.

Anyway, now that christmas is pretty much sorted, I can go back to being miserable!

What else? I'm going to a football match this week, for the first time in eleven years. Going to see Chelsea play Newcastle with a chap from the clients. The tickets cost £65 apiece! That's twice as much as I used to pay for my Season Ticket (that was 21 games!!) at Everton.

On the subject of the clients, again I can feel myself getting into a rut. For the first time since we renewed the contract I updated my cv. I registered with Monster for the first time and was literally peppered with calls from agents during the course of the week. Unfortunately the same old story - from all the phone calls there wasn't a single role I thought suitable. Still, here's hoping - January generally brings a flurry of activity so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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