Wednesday, 17 January 2007


Haven't written anything for a while, but there's not a lot going on here.

The weather throughout January has been grey and wet. In fact we've had so much rain that the water companies are saying they'll soon be able to lift the hosepipe bans!

Work is....well, would you be keen on getting up in the dark at 6am on a cold January morning?
Got around to booking the holiday over the last couple of weeks. We're going to visit Centerparcs once again, though a different village this time. Also, taken a gamble on booking a cottage just a few hundred yards from the sea, although I've booked it for the height of summer so it should be idyllic. It is amazing sometimes how motivational crappy weather can be when it comes to thinking about holidays!

My lovely little Nokia Communicator has started falling apart. Though the phones are way out of contract and can easily be upgraded, Vodafone just can't seem to offer any decent upgrade deals. Also Nokia appear to have discontinued the communicator range so I've been forced to broaden my horizons. So, I've plumped for one of these smart devices running the dreaded Microsoft Windows. Looks very functional - it is far from small but does come with a VGA screen. So it should be ideal for the sort of stuff I do on the train. Plus it is a 3G phone so should connect at broadband speeds rather than at modem speeds. The only downside is that I have been forced to move away from Voda (with whom I was perfectly happy) and go over to O2. I can't help thinking I am taking my life in my hands as regards trusting them to port all the numbers correctly - my handset alone has both a fax number and a data number associated with it, on top of the voice number.

And I will miss my little 9500...

Wednesday, 3 January 2007

This Life

Oh, one more thing to say.

During the nineties I was a big fan of the TV show "This Life".

They came back together for a ten-year reprise, which was aired last night. Essentially, an hour-long show during which the plot basically cycled through each of them, demonstrating what dysfunctional people they'd each become.

An excellent original show - the DVDs only came out last year and I snapped them up - but this one-off was quite disappointing. I don't know if it was just the totally negative aspect of it, or what...

Happy New Year

Ah, well, the start of another year. Happy New Year and all that...

Both Jacqueline and I worked over the holidays, and Alice has returned to school today, so life is very much back to normal.

Had a great day last Friday - I took a half-day, with Jacqueline and Alice meeting me up in London at lunchtime. After suitable nourishment at one of the restaurants I frequent, we walked down Piccadilly to Piccadilly Circus (past the wonderful window displays in Fortnum's). There followed a stop at Lillywhites, which tends to be quite good for clothes for Alice, and indeed we managed to pick up half a dozen things for her. My reservation with Lillywhites is that it does seem to be "scally" gear - track suits and the like - but they do carry some more subtle lines too.

The rest of the afternoon was spent basically just wandering up Regent Street. Jacqueline found the kipling, L'Occitane and Molton Brown boutiques, while for Alice the overriding highlight of the day was a visit to Hamleys, where she got to spend her christmas money.

When all was totted up, she had something like £120, a not-inconsiderable amount for a girl of her age. She was quite sensible in that she wandered around the floor (the "Girlie" floor, of course) working out what was available, how much money she'd have left etc. etc. So, by the second lap of the floor she was actually ready to pick stuff off shelves. In the event, the amount of stuff she'd picked would have been too much to carry, so we quite easily persuaded her to leave a doll on the shelf, and I would pick it up next week for her.

So we ended up with a Fur-real Friends cat, which has built-in sensors so that it detects when you're stroking it and purrs (Very freaky); a yappy Westie dog (the sooner it breaks the better) and a rainbow art kit (which actually looks very good). And we left a Baby Born doll on the shelf, ready for Dad to buy next week.

And with that, she was spent up. I have to say, it is mostly tat, and mostly a total waste of money, although I had obviously realised beforehand that this would be the case. For me, the value of the exercise was that Alice had had a large sum of money and had had to make decisions about what she spent it on. To have bought everything she'd said she wanted would have easily cost three times the sum of money she actually had. So hopefully it imparts a little "life-lesson" to her.

We rounded off the trip to Regent Street by a trip to the Apple store. The first time for all of us, and Jacqueline couldn't resist buying a sleek case for her iPod. A very classy shop, but by no means cheap.

Onward to a low-key pizza supper from one of the back-streets round by Soho Square, then a taxi ride to the main event - a production of Raymond Briggs' "The Snowman", at the Peacock Theatre. A wonderful experience and very much aimed at children. Lots of flying going on, lots of dancing too. Given that much of the dancing was performed by people in snowman suits, those guys must have been mega-fit. I'd highly recommend it, both this show and the West End experience in general - there is definitely that added "zing" about the theatre which makes you realise just how two-dimensional television actually is. Hopefully as Alice gets older we can visit more frequently.

Anyway, the plus point of a show for kids meant that it both started and ended early, and upon leaving the theatre we happened to walk down the road in the right direction and were able to flag a cab almost immediately. Back to Waterloo, past the bright lights of Somerset House, the South Bank and the Wheel, ready for the twenty-past-nine train back to Salisbury.

Of course, for me it had started off a normal day, being out of the house at a quarter-to-seven ready to go to the client's. Consequently, I was fit to drop. Alice, by contrast, spent the first fifteen minutes deboxing this toy cat, and was then a livewire all the way home. Absolutely getting by on adrenalin. In fairness to her, she was really, really looking forward to the visit to Hamleys.

Next day, Saturday, she had a further bonus, when I decided to see if we could get this Baby Born doll locally, since I didn't fancy hiking the thing back from London in the week. As luck would have it, we not only found one in the Southampton Argos, it was also £10 cheaper than it had been in Hamleys. So, Alice was able to get a little box of accessories for the doll also.

So much for Jacqueline suggesting she pay some of the money into her bank account!!

Sunday (New Year's Eve) was spent quietly, other than a visit to the supermarket. In the event both Alice and I stayed up to see the fireworks at midnight on TV, although Jacqueline pooped out at about 11:30pm. More of the same on New Year's Day, which was spent entirely indoors. Highlights of the two days were mainly clearing up some outstanding tasks such as scanning and filing all the letters I've received in the last three or four months, filling out the VAT return, pulling together some numbers for the accountant and last but not least, buying my Car Tax online (during which process I managed to crash their system twice - god knows how they can implement things so badly!). I need to take things easy for a few days.....