Monday, 19 February 2007

Bundle of Laughs

Busy time of things currently.

Was laid up last weekend - spent Monday in bad but, as any consultant will testify, being ill doesn't pay the mortgage. Consequently went into London for the rest of the week, although running on reserves. To cap it all, both Thursday and Friday turned out to be confrontational days.

As a consultant I normally try hard to avoid confrontation - and this generally means biting my tongue a lot when I see daft things going on. But on this occasion I was asked for an opinion and gave it - frankly. This then had the effect of getting someone's back up, and the rest is history...

Suffice to say I spent a lot of time over the weekend deciding whether just to give notice on the clients. Pride versus the mortgage... But in the cold light of day it is always preferable to wear a parachute before jumping out of a plane, so I just need to start keeping an eye out for new opportunities once again I think - and of course to remember to keep my mouth shut in order to make life easier.

Aside from this, my mother is staying with us currently. Not as stressful as it could have been - indeed Jacqueline and I even got to go out for a meal Saturday on the strength of it. However she is here for the rest of the week so time will tell.

Just when we though Alice was in danger of becoming a normal child, we were told Saturday that she had made a nasty phone call to one of our friends, complaining about her boy's behaviour. Needless to say both Mum and son heard the message and were upset, especially when I recognised the incident Alice was talking about, and it was she who was being the troublemaker. I can't help thinking we are raising a rotten apple and have no idea what I can do about it.

For the moment she has been banned from tv for the week - half term - but I can foresee that all that will happen is she ends up locking the sky account out by repeatedly incorrectly entering the pin number.

Isn't life wonderful?

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